We’re an exceptional team of highly experienced behavioral researchers and design strategists

Illustration of a brain. Psychology. We make informed design decisions based on data derived from primary research and behavioural insights

We apply a fundamental understanding of human behaviour, strategic design and human computer interaction to deliver product and service design value

Illustration showing various test tubes holding colourful liquids. Experiments.

What we can do for you

Image showing a person standing atop a mountain. Accomplishment.

How is our work different?

We thrive in the strategic space. Instead of giving our clients a fish, we teach them how to fish. We go to the source of the problems that create bad experiences (governance, culture, methodology, training) and work to achieve permanent long-term solutions that are tailored to your needs.

How can we help your team be DFFRNT?

We have been where you are. We understand that driving transformation takes a balance of talented people, integrated process, and the drive to delight the end user.

Who are we?

We are a team of seasoned professionals, veteran researchers, designers and strategists with over a hundred years of collective experience and hundreds of successful projects under our belts. We are not afraid to say no (and will explain why). Our aim is to work in a transparent and straightforward manner so that you understand our methodology, trust our decision-making and grow through the experience.

What is strategic design?

DFFRNT strategic design is a measured combination of design thinking, systems thinking, and business thinking to solve the big problems that are restricting your organization's growth.

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