People are at the core of every product and service, which makes them the focus of our solutions

DFFRNT took one government agency from “How do we help fleet managers go green?” to a finished decision support tool in only a matter of months.
Electric car plug charging in the winter
DFFRNT took one government agency from “How do we help fleet managers go green?” to a finished decision support tool in only a matter of months.
DFFRNT's research for a major U.S. hospital network found that voice solutions and AI for healthcare can go far beyond basic charting tasks to support nurses in their work.
Looking for ways to minimize traveller errors, CBSA brought DFFRNT on board to lead their innovation process and find solutions.
DFFRNT helped Canada Revenue Agency formulate and scale up an innovation incubation program, leaving them with the knowledge and processes to continue the program in-house.
Using one-on-one interviews and an online survey, DFFRNT developed a comprehensive set of member banking personas to guide the development of Servus’ digital banking products.
A persona research project for CBSA gave the agency valuable business intelligence related to traveller errors.
DFFRNT’s user research and behavioural science guide the development of this mental health platform.
We live at the intersection of design, technology, business and humans. We diverge and converge, and go deep to provide businesses with the research needed for informed decision-making, from behavioural insights to value models.


Environmental Scanning

Understand your market, where you are with respect to your competitors, what are the gaps, adjacencies, opportunities. Build your strategy on a foundation of knowledge.

Service Blueprints

Asses your business inside and out to identify strategic priorities and measure impact of interventions.

Usability Testing

Ensure your customers can effectively and effectively accomplish their tasks in a satisfying manner.

Value Canvas

Ensure your product or service value is in line with your customers needs.


Immerse your team in the experience of your customers. Deepen your understanding of their goals.

Progressive Prototyping

Cycle prototype iterations to continuously improve on a design

Design Sprints

Five phases where design and development teams work together to define clear goals, test, and create a roadmap for new developments

Journey Mapping

Research your customer experience lifecycle to identify pain points, service gaps, and new opportunities to impress.


A memorable character meant to embody the needs and values of a service group

Field Tests

Taking a design and ensuring it serves user needs in the actual environment where it is to be used

Information Architecture

The structure and organization of information to maximize usability within the digital landscape

Top Task Management

A description of every part of the process of accomplishing a particular goal