Customer Personas for Financial Services [Infographic]

a female hand applies a bank card to an ATM


By Shaun Illingworth, co-founder, DFFRNT

Messaging and email won’t cut it – 80% of banking clients want to talk in person when they have concerns.


In the era of online banking, clients still value the personal relationship with their local branch. They appreciate knowledgeable staff, ask tellers and advisors for input on financial decisions, and overwhelmingly choose face-to-face meetings or phone calls when they have a question or concern.

Our behavioural research for financial institutions indicates that the relationship with their branch is the #4 priority for banking clients. What are the top 3 features clients look for? Check out the infographic below for details.

The data in this infographic are illustrative of responses we have received while doing user research for financial institutions.

A typical research plan could include interviews with staff and clients to guide the development of a client survey, followed by an analysis of the data. The survey provides a large sample size and a high degree of granularity, which, in turn, informs the development of detailed, data-backed personas.

Personas generated from this type of behavioural research illustrate that each key customer group has different priorities and different levels of product knowledge.

If you feel this type of detailed, actionable insights about your clients would be useful, talk to DFFRNT about user research and personas.

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