Training and advisory

DFFRNT brings a profound and practical understanding of human behaviour and innovation to every client we meet.

We see more and more how every organization’s success depends upon these insights, yet most aren’t set up to analyze or leverage it.

C-Suite Advisory

DFFRNT principals support client growth on an ongoing basis.

Our retainer model services, including Virtual CXO (Chief Experience Officer) and Virtual CDO (Chief Design Officer) are custom designed to fit your needs.

Whether it’s bringing a seasoned voice to a strategic initiative or providing ongoing perspective and guidance to a team, our leaders have “been there” and can help you achieve your goals.


At DFFRNT, we have a long history of educational involvement, our Principals have all taught at the college and university level and remain involved with local and international post-secondary institutions. Instead of giving our clients a fish, we teach them how to fish.

We can design and deliver a training program to help your UX team level up their skills and knowledge or executive training to senior staff and directors looking to get the most out of their UX, design or research teams.

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