Innovation is a disciplined process of research and applied creativity, that leads to new opportunities to redefine a customer or user experience. 

Our process allows us to ideate  possibilities, conceptualize solutions, evaluate, refine and deliver experiences in a way that is delightful and engaging to your clients and your users.  

At DFFRNT, we have decades of experience helping our clients innovate based on a behavioural approach that leverages research, foresight and data, rather than opinion and conjecture.

Our process reduces the risk of spending valuable resources chasing the wrong thing, only to have it fail when it goes to market. 

We have lived and observed the workflows of inventors. 

We recognize lift, spark, rat-holes, black hats, group-think, high-producing-teams, thought leadership, and all sorts of behaviours that promote and inhibit innovation. We bring this valuable knowledge to our DFFRNT clients. 

Let DFFRNT help you to design and implement an innovation mandate or optimize your innovation practice. DFFRNT’s senior design strategists have worked with the innovation labs of several of the world’s leading companies and governments.

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